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Doraemon (Colored Edition)
Status Completed
Type Manga
Released ?
Serialization Shogakukan Books
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Doraemon (Colored Edition)

ドラえもん デジタルカラー版

Synopsis Doraemon (Colored Edition)

Doraemon is cat shaped robot from the future traveling all the way back to the 20th century in order to help Nobi Nobita, a lazy kid with nothing really going for him. Nobi is bad at sports, his grades are terrible, he can’t even win a match of rock-paper-scissors. Doraemon has a hard task ahead of him but he is well prepared with a huge arsenal of the most inventive and funny gadgets available. The problem is he’s not the most competent robot cat helper out there either and the pair gets in constant trouble because of it. Thus begins one of the most interesting friendships ever to appear in a manga series.

Chapter Doraemon (Colored Edition)